The Holy Spirit

December 01, 2015


By GV Potter

The following post was written by a member of our fellowship.


The Bible is unlike any other book ever written. Its author is God, who communicated His message to man through the Holy Spirit.  Of all the gifts given to mankind, there is none greater than the presence of the Holy Spirit in our lives. He is the third person in the Trinity, and He is an essential part of our Christian life.  He has all the attributes of God—all powerful, all present and all knowing (I Corinthians 2:11ff).  Still, the Holy Spirit’s purpose is not to bring attention to Himself, but to exalt the Son (John 16:13-14).


Jesus taught the disciples that they could receive the Holy Spirit through prayer to God, and that God will give us a Comforter, the Holy Spirit, and He will abide with us forever. Christ will continue to reveal truth to us through the Spirit. It is the Holy Spirit in our lives that incredibly unites us to Jesus Christ, in His death and resurrection (Romans 6:1-11, Galatians 2:20). One must not forget that their body is now a temple of the Holy Spirit, which has been received from God Himself, “ a dwelling place in which God lives by His Spirit,” Eph.2:22, therefore one’s body should be treated as such. This is the same Holy Spirit who existed at the beginning of creation in Genesis, who existed in power throughout the entire Bible, who exists today, who will exist at the second coming of Christ, and who will exist for all of eternity!


We must always be careful not to grieve the Holy Spirit (Ephesians 4:29-32). The Bible warns us about resisting the Holy Spirit, insulting the Holy Spirit, allowing evil into our lives, the unpardonable sin (Matthew 12:32) and disobedience will also quench the Holy Spirit.


The Bible tells us in Romans 8 that the Holy Spirit will help to keep us from sin, and to do the things that please God. However, the Holy Spirit will not do all of the work for us; we have a responsibility to do our part.  We must read our Bible and pray to God for the Holy Spirit to open our spiritual eyes, to remove that which is displeasing in his sight, to give us understanding, and to show us the truth and teach us how to live. Remember that the Holy Spirit will not prompt us to do anything that goes against Scripture.  We need to make sure we are listening to the voice of the Holy Spirit, not to the voice of our own desires.  We can check this voice against the truth of God’s word as all scripture is God-breathed (II Timothy 3:16). We must also be mindful of the fact that all Christians have a direct link to almighty God, and that link is the Holy Spirit.  We must stay plugged in to that link!


The Holy Spirit…what an awesome gift from an awesome God!


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